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Git Logs With Color and Graphs

Want to add some color to your Git log? Check out this git log configuration that gives you one commit per line, a commit graph, abbreviated commit ID’s, relative dates, & commit author all bundled up in color coordinated text.

Special Characters in Your Shell

All of these characters have special functions in the shell and need to be escaped with a backslash \& or surrounded with single quotation marks '&' if you intend to use the character itself, rather than the shell-specific meaning, on the command line. Here is the list:

Find Files by Extension and Modification Time

I came across this file extension x file modification time search capability in linux/unix systems as I was looking into different solutions for a new software project that I am currently working on. It’s a simple shell one-liner.

Bash Backward and Forward History Search

I picked up this simple modification of the bash .inputrc file a few weeks ago and it has been a great addition to my command line armamentarium. It allows you to perform a case-insensitive search through the bash history (forward or reverse) for anything that you type on the command line with the up and down arrows.

How to Pipe Twitter Data to Other Applications With Tweetledee

Tweetledee is a MIT licensed PHP project on GitHub that simplifies access to Twitter JSON and RSS feed data for user timelines, home timelines, lists, favorites, and tweet search. You can run the PHP files directly through the PHP interpreter using standard CLI syntax, take advantage of the many available options through command line switches, and pipe the Twitter data to any application that you’d like. Here’s how you do it.