Juicy lil' bytes

Source Code TODO Logs

This one-liner parses your source file for TODO comments after any comment indicator character(s) and prints the message by line number to the standard output stream.

Tagged Git Commit Log

Here is an awk augmented git log that will provide a list of your tagged git commits with an abbreviated commit hash and the subject of the commit.

Glue | a Terminal for Sublime Text

Glue is a plugin that provides an interface to your shell from the Sublime Text editor. It features command entry within the Sublime Text editor window, standard output display in an editor view, and it works with most system utilities. This includes any compiled or interpreted source that you develop which effectively allows you to create Sublime Text extensions in any programming language that your system supports.

Here’s how you get started with it.

How to Maximize PNG Image Compression With advPNG

advPNG is a command line tool that is available as part of the AdvanceCOMP package. In my (admittedly very limited) testing, it had excellent compression ratios for a standard 100x100 pixel, 4x8 bits/pixel, RGB+alpha channel PNG image that was generated in Photoshop CS6 for Mac. Here are the compression level flags that are available so that you can carry out your own testing on the types of image files that you commonly use.

How to Use Grep to Find File Names With a Matching String

By default, grep displays the lines in one or more files that match your search string (or regular expression). Here is how you recursively search through a directory of files and list the name(s) of the files that contain a matching string instead of the matched line.

Multi-Select Editing With Sublime Text

This is at the top of my favorite Sublime Text features list. Use these keyboard shortcuts to find all instances of a string in a file and then simultaneously edit them. It’s a gem and works in versions 2 and 3 of Sublime Text.